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Bug Eye Centipede


Stretch, squeeze, shake it, fling it, feel it!

These 11-inch centipedes feature beady eyes and a rubbery, stretchable array of little spikes that can stretch up to 42 inches! These squishy toys are durable and perfect for sensory stimulation.

This item comes in assorted colours and is packaged randomly. Actual colour received may vary from what is shown.

The benefits of using these toys in the classroom are almost as numerous as the ways we can use them.

  • Create a relaxed playful mindset.
  • Engage the whole brain -- discussions are left-brained. Toys tap into the creative right side.
  • Versatility -- they can be used for stress relief, games, team selection, and reinforcement. 
  • Encourage participation -- people can't keep their hands off them!