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Large Sensory Fidget Pack


The all-in-one Happydots sensory fidget pack! We have 9 different types of sensory fidget toys. It is definitely the best value fidget pack around, we are sure you'll agree!

Each pack contains a mixture of the following, based on availability:

- Push Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy
- Pea Pod Fidget Toy
- Rainbow Puzzle Ball
- Marble Fidget Toy
- Noodle Rope Fidget Toy
- Cute Soft Squishy Cartoon Animal Fidget Toy
- Magic Trick Rope Fidget Toy
- Game Fidget Pad Toy
- Funny Fidget Chain Toy
- Metal Puzzle Chain Fidget Toy
- Rainbow Stress Ball
- Simple Dimple Sensory Fidget Toy
- Spiky Sensory Fidget Rings

And it includes a drawstring carry bag! This is the perfect sensory fidget pack for “on the run” and/or the classroom.