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Pencil Grip Sample Pack


The Happydots Pencil Grip Sample Pack allows you to try out each of the specialised pencil grips and decide which is most effective for comfort, correct finger position and movement required for handwriting.

A great pack for Occupational therapists and education specialists. 

If you consider what the individual price of each pencil grip in this pack is worth, you'll definitely agree that this Happydots Pencil grip pack is great value for money! 

Pack contains 9 grips including:

  • 1x The Pencil Grip
  • 1 x Crossover Grip
  • 1 x The Pinch Grip
  • 1 x The Bumpy Grip
  • 1 x Jumbo Grip
  • 1 x Writing CLAW small
  • 1 x Writing CLAW medium
  • 1 x Writing CLAW Large
  • 1 x Ring Pen Ultra small