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3.5 Kg Weighted Whale Toy

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Weighted products may be suggested by an Occupational Therapist as part of a sensory diet to assist with sensory regulation to focus on a task, relaxation and to calm down ready to sleep.

At Happy Dots Occupational Therapy for Children, our Weighted Animals are filled with glass beads and this design has a removable and secure double stitched/double-layered weighted insert, which can be machine washed.

Alongside the benefit of weight, there is also the extra sensory input of the lusciously soft fabric as well as the fact that they don't look 'clinical'... they are just regular looking soft toys.

These gorgeous Weighted Animals can be very helpful in the classroom or child care setting and are used regularly by those with SPD, ASD, ADHD and anxiety. They are seriously so soft and loveable!

This adorable whale is available in 3.5kg. Custom orders upon request.

Micro Glass Beads Are 100% non toxic/flamable natural glass beads. Glass beads are better quality than the less expensive plastic poly pellets; they are also much denser than the plastic poly pellets which means less volume required for the same weight, therefore providing a lower profile when using for weighted blankets, toys, reborn dolls and toys. Glass beads also have a much smoother and finer texture than plastic poly pellets and are far more resistant to “clumping”.